Sello 1.11.1 for Windows 10


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Sello is a powerful tool for the sale of the auction sites. Installed on your computer communicates over the Internet with sites of the family, reseller support at all stages of handling the auction: the preparation and issue, by tracking sales, and service of customer transactions. It helps to keep track of payments, prepare and package printing. It has a built-in web mail, making all arrangements with the client will be in a miejscu.Sprawna auction service * The current version supports Sello auction and its foreign counterparts. * The templates reproduced easily prepare a series of auctions, and create their descriptions . * Quickly view that auctions are completed. * The program will help prepare the package and create for them the appropriate forms. * hint about who is in arrears with payment, and who can no longer send towar.Ułatwione customer relationships * By Sello contact with customers will be more efficient for all stages - from the very first question about the product issued to complete the transaction. * The program allows you to quickly create a series of letters by using templates and automatically generate and send a message to buyers (such as confirmation of receipt of payment, information about the sending of the item, etc.). * Built-in email client E-mail messages are assigned to a specific aukcji.Sprzedaż in foreign serwisachZa by Sello, you can: * expose the goods in foreign counterparts Allegro:,, and . ua (all you need is an account on * convert transactions into another currency; * put the same product in all these serwisach.Współpraca the clerk GT * Sello can work independently or work with the clerk GT Sales popular system InsERT. * Goods from Subiekt GT can easily expose Online auction by Sello and thus expand its market. * The GT clerks can issue orders and sales documents for the goods sold by Sello. * Clerk GT will help systemize your online sales, help keeping records of sales, improve the management of przedsiębiorstwem.Zarządzanie komentarzamiKażdemu depends on as many positive comments. It happens, however, that the recipient upon receipt does not issue an opinion. And thanks to comments quickly find those customers and will be able to encourage them to express their zdania.Wymagania: * PC with a processor with at least 800 MHz '* Microsoft Windows XP SP3 or later, * about 300 MB of available hard disk space (for program with the database server), * Operating system databases Microsoft SQL Server 2005 - a free version of SQL Server 2005 Express Edition is provided with the software, * Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or later * Microsoft. NET Framework 2.0, * recommended resolution Screen: 1024x768 pixels, * Speed ​​Internet needed to communicate with auction sites.